A solution of visualize monthly device loading


DisplayRide's goal is to enhance client's ride share experience. We created a program to record each shareride on the driver's phone, which we call device. Each device loads a different amount of data based on the number of rides per day. Knowing how much data is loaded on each device everyday is very important. We needed a solution to visualize the amount of data loaded on each device monthly.


Visualize 30 days of loading data for each device

Display the total amount of each device's loading

The problems

When data just uploaded it is in byte units, which is long and hard to read. To solve this problem, we need to convert it to gigabytes.

It is difficult to display data for a large number of devices in one screen. Supporting a search by device number / ID and then displaying the corresponding data for a single device could address this problem.



DisplayRide is now getting investment from Uber. Data visualization is the way of giving data a life, it plays a important role.